Friday, 05 August 2011

Welcome to the block party

Its that day of the week that has people far and wide shouting from their car windows, office cubicles, high rise balconies and street corners. "Its the weeeeeeekend babbbbbby" and everyone knows exactly what this means.

Come 5pm and there are bottle tops cracking open country wide, designer shots being thrown back and toilet cleaners cursing the ground that we walk on.  The sound of shrill laughter, clinking glasses, and spirited music pumping while the young and feisty end the week off by cutting serious rugs on the dance floor.

And hell, we deserve it, don't we? We bust our chops day and night at the grindstone, early mornings, late meetings, deadlines, commissions, obligations, productions and elbow grease! We have earned that 13th shot of tequila!  If you agree with that - you are well on your way to becoming a statistic.

I say "Practice with a purpose and play with passion" we spend a lot of time putting our hearts into other peoples businesses, and for the fitness junkie - we spend a lot of time perfecting our bodies, so come Friday don't throw it down the toilet along with 10 shots of sambuca and 6 glasses of wine.

A few glasses of wine, a couple beers, are good for you.  In fact a glass of wine a day is excellent for you.  Moderation is what it comes down to. Enjoy yourself, kick back, have a drink, release yourself, be social but be wise.

Don't purposefully drink yourself into a stupor, don't be influenced by those around you. Binge drinking burdens your body, alcohol is a depressant.  With large amounts over short periods, your body just cant process it quickly enough and can result in a long list of issues. Don't end your week by waking up in your own vomit.

Keep it fresh, don't become a statistic and love your body - it's the only place you have to live.