Monday, 07 January 2013

Evo Fitness: Cape Town

Capetonians, you are painfully fortunate.  Home to some of the most epic sporting events, a gastronomic paradise and some of the countries top performance facilities.

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to train at, and visit one of Cape Town's finest gyms, Evo Fitness.

David Cross, co-owner of Evo, invited me into his world of strength and offered me a taste of the EVOlution.  David is an all round strongman, power enthusiast, nutrition buff, exercise critic and British bulldozer.

Drawing from a life in corporate finance and reconditioning himself from a colossal 137kg to a lean and fit 86kgs, and again later 105kg's of solid muscle (give or take a donut), he discovered his passion for active, strong living and enrolled himself into varsity and qualified as a personal trainer.

David's devotion to strength, nutrition and transforming lives is evident in every element of this performance facility. Training to the modern day man has evolved from pure raw power to today's 'functional' fluff, but not at Evo.

Evo boasts old time strongman training that includes log pressing, prowler drags, farmers walks, super yoke and rope pulls amongst their array of methodologies.  Evo is not about flash, these coaches and this athletic playground pulls from the oldest tools, blends in today's science and drives results through precision programming.

I don't think there is a training mindset quite like this one elsewhere in the Western Cape.  Evo is not just a gym full of strength tools, its galvanized by esteemed coaches, specialists and athletic competitors.  Many of the gyms littered around our countryside are bursting at the seams with trainers, but very few boast coaches.

Evo's in house exercise specialist Rolandas Mensikovas having trained under Charles Poloquin, Jarryd Firmani and Jarryd Roos, two of the strength coaches both being competitive powerlifters, to name but a few.  The team running  this show are not just brawn but brains too.

If you are local to the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, a keen sportsman, strongman competitor or just a weekend warrior looking for a gym that offers great equipment, knowledgeable trainers and a powerful atmosphere get in touch with the guys at Evo.

They most certainly will evolve your training into a result driven way of life.

Visit their website at