Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Synergy's Weekly Scoop

Kettlebell Guru and Director of IKFF Arrives in South Africa

The world renowned strength and conditioning coach, martial artist, world class athlete and kettlebell guru arrives on South African shores - TODAY!  Steve Cotter is one of thee most talented trainers of our century and we as South Africans are honoured to have him share his expertise with us. 
Steve began his physical training at the ripe young age of 12 with the Hsing-I ch’uan Chinese martial arts system and went on to conquer the world!! Today Steve shares his craft and finesse with the fitness industry and educates trainers worldwide on the techniques and systems of correct performance, all the while blowing us away with his precision, athleticism and raw strength.

Up and Coming CKT and Master Classes

An opportunity not to be missed by aspiring trainers and kettlebell lifters.  Steve Cotter will be hosting master classes throughout the country:

1st September:     Take Down Gym - Cape Town
2nd September:    Kettlebells SA - Johannesburg (Fighters only)
3rd September:     Kettlebells SA - Johannesburg
8th September:     Flux - Umhlanga
9th September:     Flux - Umhlanga
10th September:   Kettlebells SA - Johannesburg

For the fitness junkies out there who wish to join the exciting world of kettlebell lifting, it's imperative that you find yourself a qualified coach, to ensure that you get the best results, perform with perfection, avoid painful physical injuries and enjoy this world class sport to the max. Go to for more information.

Trainers, it's time for us to stand together, improve our knowledge, expand our horizons and reach for the stars.  CKT kicks off this weekend 3rd September at Kettlebells SA in Johannesburg.  I look forward to getting faster, better and stronger with you all.  For more info on this weekends kettlebell certification go to

To book your places in the upcoming events, please contact or 

Commit to be Fit - Summer is around the corner

It's that time of year again where the sun beats down on the beach, the ice cream vendor get his Christmas bonus and the sales of pina coladas sky rocket.  Its never too late to get that body in shape. 

Put down the cereal box promising you to drop 2 sizes, turn off the TV and step away from the computer and pull yourself together. Pick up a kettlebell and start putting in the hard work, your body will reap the summer benefits of old school training. There are no excuses to not being in perfect shape, having a healthy heart and owning the strength of a brown bear. Commit yourself to fitness, health and longevity.