Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My journey to strength

Pavel once said that Strength is a skill that must be practiced.

Looking back on my very first rep all those years ago, and recognizing that it was that first step towards strength that had changed my life in so many ways.

I turned to the iron when all else had failed, not realizing at the time that in all its simplicity and purity that it would construct fortitude, backbone, courage and heart whilst humbling me.

Having struggled a fight against addiction, my body did not immediately form a great bond with exercise.  My heart, liver, bones and muscle had taken a serious beating which meant I needed to learn to crawl before I could walk.

Having to fight the addiction whilst putting all my blood and sweat into building my body again came with its own set of drawbacks.  Dealing with mental demands whilst working out is bad enough without having to throw in a body that refuses to respond and has spent so long thriving on detriment.

With each day came new challenges, with each challenge came set backs and with each set back came failure.  I can honestly say, looking back, overcoming the failure was my greatest defiance.  If someone where to ask me what my greatest achievement was, it would be that I rose again.

Despite my personal struggles I went from strength to strength, having started out in a local gym, the exercise high was incomparable. My body was yet to change after months of training, but my mental fortitude had increased in leaps and bounds.

My new found lease on life had ignited a passion in me, seeing notable differences in my physique and feeling the fire of my entire body working in synergy without battle is indescribable. Experiencing that rush of blood to every muscle in your body that awakens every sense and instills an amazing sense of achievement in you set me on my path to absolute strength.

Knowing that I was in the process of overcoming great downfall drove me more and more each day, the increase in strength grew my dedication to the body, and in turn my passion to the world of health and the science of human movement.  I knew that my future lay in development in one way or another.

Four years down the line and I have physically achieved things I once couldn't comprehend, I am achieving personal feats of strength that were once unimaginable to me.  Everyday I am learning more about the human anatomy and what its capabilities are and how one small change can cause a reaction of life changing effect.

My strength is not measurable against a pound, my strength comes from within and is portrayed through every rep I perform, my strength is not comparable to a woman through height and size my strength is my personal fight and my personal gold.

Your journey is driven by your weaknesses and your struggles, the decision to turn that fragility into energy is a revolution.


  1. Wow Lil you get more and more inspiring!

    1. Awesom!!! Kick your ass personaly if you ever loose heart!! ;)

  2. Thanks for the reminder !
    You are an inspiration

  3. Brilliant!!!!!

  4. Wow, this is the most inspiring article i have ever read. Congratulations and keep in this way, you have an amazing strenght that i didn t see in powerlifting yet. Congratulations