Monday, 14 May 2012

My animal diaries

We have progressed from animals.  That's my belief.  Evolution is how it came to be. I'm not going to go into that much further. Politics, religion and once being a close relative of an ape are things people don't like to agree on, so lets just leave it at that.

Keeping our heritage of natural animalistic instincts and movements in mind, let me introduce you to something that has hit the calisthenic (body weight training) world by storm over the last few years.

Enter 'Animal Flow'.  If you have heard of animal flow, you have heard of Mike Fitch, this beautiful specimen is the non traditionalist trainer that with a passion for body weight training has developed what we know as animal flow and taken over the globe with his unique methodologies and result driven approach.

I have written many articles on the awesomeness that is calisthenics, I practice bar tending, I coach in body weight techniques and I sleep, dreaming of physiques like Fitch.  There are multiple body weight disciplines and each contender needs to find their niche.  I have a thing for Mikes niche it seems.

Animal flow in a nutshell, is taking the disciplines of calisthenics and combining them with fluid and efficient movements, much like the movements of an animal.  These 2 methodologies hand in hand increases mobility, flexibility, endurance, stability, builds raw power and assists greatly in neuromascular development.

Personally I see animal flow as more of a discipline than a workout that requires practice, as any skill would.

To save you from the split second it takes on google, check out Mikes site

I have seen the gains, I have seen the improved efficiency and I have seen the changes in my clients and in my body personally from body weight training.  Some hit the pec dec, some hit the treadmill, I combine calisthenics, hill sprints, kettlebells and lifting heavy shit to get me mastering my body.  I strongly believe with a combination like that there is only one way, and that's up.

Here's a list of things that I do not go a day without:

Chin Ups/Pull Ups:  I cannot express how vital this exercise is to your physical diet.  They build wings that will literally make you fly and in turn assist you in all your heavy lifts.

Handstand Push ups: Pressing your entire body weight is tough, I do not need to explain that.  This move builds shoulders like nothing else will and improves your overall athleticism.

Pistol Squats: The one legged squat is a serious feat of strength, it builds every muscle in the lower body whilst building co-ordination, balance and raw strength

Bridges: Purely for the health of your spine, we spend hours bent over our computers, reverse that call, for your body, for your health - everyday.

Push ups: This exercise is too often forgotten, its loathed in every variation it comes in but it builds your back, your shoulders, your arms, your core, your strength endurance, and it builds serious mental fortitude in high numbers.

Its your body, its your vehicle, master it.

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