Tuesday, 05 June 2012

The Yard Athletic

If you a resident of Jozi and you not a resident of The Yard Athletic, you should be.  That's it.

Last week I had the opportunity to visit this garage style, training facility in Fourways, Johannesburg. One thing came to mind, old school training meets new world science.

Scott MacIntosh, owner, strength coach, and slave to science welcomed me to his little piece of iron in the heart of the design district.  Scott bleeds raw knowledge, experience, passion and devotion to the world of strength and conditioning. Not only is this evident in his personality and attitude in his approach to his training but its distinct in every facet of this awesome facility.

The Yard leaks backbone, power, resolution and spirit.  You can learn a lot about a facilities trainers through their environment in this respect.  An owner run establishment, where there is the finest attention to detail.  Every corner of The Yard has been well thought out and structured with precision, from the hardcore equipment, classic kettlebells, and astro prowler track to the ladies change rooms, there was a touch of class to every aspect in amongst the street, deep city vibe.

This approach of course fuses into the coach in Scott, where training is not just picking up heavy things and putting them down again.  He dissects every movement, every technique, and every motion and teaches you how to apply these aspects in the safest and most result driven way.

His knowledge of the science of human movement and application to his clients training already sets his personal coaching a cut above the rest, before you have even walked through the doors.  The Yard boasts highly experienced coaches, having Joshua Capazario, Springbok powerlifter on his team of trainers speaks worlds for itself.

This facility is driven by energy and passion.  The urban feel and pimping tunes just makes you want to go out there and give your workout horns.  I truly felt at home.

It's establishments like these, with the approach to training as a culture and not just a workout,  where health and vitality is a way of life and not just an hour of sweat a few times a week, that makes me love my choices and embrace the world of fitness, strength and power.

A huge thank you to the team at The Yard Athletic for welcoming me to your city and your piece of training Eden.

To Scott for the hardstyle training, Josh for tweaking my deadlift weaknesses and Pretty for possibly thee most nutritious Pina Colada on the market.

Wishing you guys all the strength, and success in your venture - it was rocking.