Thursday, 08 November 2012

Fight for your life

It's all good and well having goals, and aspirations.  I want to be fit, strong and look good naked. 

The cliche's that flood our timelines, the motivational pictures, the quotes from people who truly lived and the everyday affirmations we mutter to ourselves while we put the kettle on.

I can appreciate that we need reminders, I can appreciate the motive and the drive.  A picture of a perfectly defined physique on our fridge doors to affirm our direction. Awesome.

Yet when it comes down to actually applying ourselves, it's half arsed.  Those people who are exceptionally strong, those who do look incredible naked and those that are achieving their personal goals on a day to day basis, didn't get there by talking about it.

It all boils down to mental fortitude, its about seeking the challenges and overcoming adversity.  You are only truly strong when your mind has overcome its fears. That fear for some may be that last rep of a set in training, you can either fight through the anguish or throw in the towel.  I always say it, and I'll say it again, your mind gives up before your body does.

The heart of training is in being mentally tough. Those personal aspirations you have, that extra 50kg to your deadlift, another 5 reps on the pull up bar or simply fitting into the skinny jeans you bought 5 years ago.  You not going to get any of it if you don't get through the gruelling work, this perseverance is what makes your goals an achievement and not just a vision.

There is a direct relationship with your mental toughness in the gym and your personal life.  Overcoming a trial in physical strength or fitness can transpire into you taking back your life.  It's not just about being able to push through when your body thinks it cant, its about the backbone it takes in getting there.

The most important thing I could tell you in gaining mental strength is to not lose focus. There is no excuse in the world that could justify a weak mind.  Everyone has their burdens and afflictions, we all use our vindications as reasons as to why we could not overcome something, but only you are standing in the way of you taking back control.

It's the mental game that gives the biggest reward.