Monday, 15 July 2013

Lord of the thighs

Ladies, lets take a minute to separate the bullshit from the actuality. Nine out of ten woman are unhappy with their physiques, more importantly we are dismal about the current state of our legs.

As a trainer, day in and day out, I am confronted with the challenge of "shape shifting the shanks" our limbs are either too big, too bulky, too shapeless or just too damn skinny.

The men will agree with me here, woman are hard to please.  Try tell a woman that in order to make a positive physical change, they need to at least fondle the idea of lifting weights.

The majority of us will admit that shapely, strong legs are the way forward, the quest for the enticing ITC (Inner thigh clearance) is ongoing with the female of the species.  To the woman who conflict this idea, to those who choose that shapeless, soft, asymmetrical, nebulous thighs are your calling then this blog is not for you.

The mutual element amongst South African woman is bulky legs, for some reason this seems to be a common factor.  This article is not about nutrition which will account for 80% of your change, this is about how to make the switch in your training.  Hefty legs are a result of numerous things, genetics, diet and estrogen retention.  These influences may be the cause, but that does not mean we cannot adjust the outcomes.

80% of the woman I have worked with lack leg development, where we need to acknowledge that lower body training can have a dramatic effect on our overall physiques.  Power is driven from the ground up.

Its time to step off the elliptical and test our bodies if we want to see a difference. Awaken the biggest muscle groups in your body, shape them, build them and embrace them.  Your progress will only lie in overcoming the hard times.  Hard times involve compound exercises, that recruit big muscles, in order to make big changes.

Running on the treadmill for 40 minutes and coupling that with a some step ups, high kicks and the formidable yes-no machine is going to get you that ITC like a glass of sand will get you hydrated.

Big exercises give big results.

Girls do not be intimidated by barbell squats, deadlifts and heavy lunges.  These bad boys of the gym room are what will get your legs screaming for a pair of hot pants. Including these big lifts into your training, and adding some high intensity conditioning in the form of hill sprints, stair sprints or sled pushing will not only build lean muscle but strip fat faster than you can say "lifting big makes me bulky"

In no way I am suggesting you load up that barbell and attack it with reckless abandon, start small, find yourself a legitimate coach and test your limits safely.  Deadlifting heavy kettlebells in a low rep range is a great start, as is with your squats, lunges and their assistance exercises, build up and advance with guidance. Your progress lies in improved capacity for intensity, your neural drive and nervous system adaptation and of course the increased workload.

Replace your fear of the unknown with curiosity and get in touch with some of these great trainers who will get you ladies ravishing, statuesque, and lifting:

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