Monday, 13 February 2012

Girevoy sport is not just cricket

It seems that in this country the word 'kettlebell' is as fashionable and as common as crocs in Brakpan.

All the globo gyms are handing out coaching certifications like its a Friday night at the soup kitchen.  Hell, a lot of trainers are just attending a couple kettlebell classes and claiming mastery.  Its a revolution!!!

Then there's those trainers who invest their time and their money into spending weekends with some of the worlds greats.  Learning, performing and enduring the mental and physical stresses of  legitimate, world class certifications. Not just in kettlebell fitness but are also fortunate enough to be moulded into athletes of 'girevoy sport' by these masters.

Something that cannot be given to you for 'mahala' by some Mickey mouse claiming to be a guru.

We pay the price, we learn the skill.  We become athletes in our own right.

Girevoy sport was popular amongst the old school strongmen both in Russia and the western circles.  GS has been around since the late 40's and is internationally recognized, in fact it will make its first appearance at the Olympics in 2016.

GS is the pinnacle of kettlebell training, athletes who compete are lifting significant loads for extended periods of time.  A competitor weighing in at 65kg can be lifting 2 x 32kg kettlebells for 10 minutes straight.  Training in this sport builds a blend of power and endurance.

I have met many people who have laughed at the kettlebell lifters, many people who have claimed to have the strength of an animal.  Give us 10 minutes of your time and you may want to rethink your abilities and your statements, these tools will humble just about anyone.

The average sportsmen, gym junkie, soccer mom or weight lifter who trains in GS develops this incredible raw strength as well as focus, patience and discipline.  When you completing a 10 minute biathlon or 10 minute long cycle you have to have monumental strength endurance, 10 minutes weighted is massive volume.  Not only is this a colossal test of power but you need an exceptionally high pain threshold.

At very high levels of GS you see athletes performing amazing feats of strength, Valery Fedorenko of the WKC and world champion kettlebell lifter completed 50 reps of the 'jerk' with a 60kg kettlebell.  That is strength.

You have to become comfortable with discomfort.

An athlete who develops the sort of durability obtained from training in GS is going to be harder, stronger, faster and more energy efficient than the average gym goer.  This is the guy you want on your team, this is the guy you want fighting for your win.

We do not just lift kettlebells, we do not just follow hard style training techniques as many coaches have pointed out, we train for volume, power and strength endurance.

This is what sets us apart.

Myself at Synergy in Motion and the team at Flux Motion are not offering the latest buzz, we are offering an opportunity to rise above the mainstream.

We combine the elements of kettlebell training into techniques that enable us to sustain our energy levels for long periods of time.  Skills needed for sport and for life.

We don't just lift kettlebells, we lift boundaries.