Thursday, 30 May 2013

Chew The Fat

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend Professor Tim Noake's seminar in Durban.  As much as we have read, researched and heard about the Prof's philosophies it was a privilege to hear him speak.  Now I think we are all in agreement with the fact that his findings have caused some major controversy in the nutritional world.

How could high fat and high protein possibly render fat loss?

Those of you who know me and my way of thinking with regards to kicking the food pyramid out the window, know that my philosophies surrounding nutrition correspond in many areas.  Tim Noakes has highlighted countless flaws in today's beliefs and I think there is something for everyone to take from it.

We are all very different and no cookie cutter advice can be applied to us all successfully, however there are demons lying amongst our favorite foods that should be eliminated from our diets whether we are prone to weight gain or not.

The Prof prescribes and endorses a grain free, fruit free, protein and high fat diet for weight loss based on his findings. Research it you will be gobsmacked.  There are many alternate doctrines out there and they are all based on some good knowledge, it is up to you to decide where to apply it.

In my opinion any professional who disagrees with the basics and encourages a diet of fruit and low fat eating should be smacked in the face with a pineapple. Unfortunately I have seen too many of my friends and clients bring home expensive eating plans built by "diet professionals" littered with processed food recommendations.  Professionals who charge real cash money for their "educated" advice.

The likes of "fat free" "low fat" dairy, or processed carbohydrates in the forms of cereals or "muesli" should be eliminated from everyones diets not just those struggling with weight management.  The toxic chemicals added to foods to make them "free" or "low" are detrimental to us all.  Sugar is in no way a healthy element to our diets in whatever size, shape or form.  Replacing your sugar with sweetener is not moderating the addiction, and replacing your chocolate afternoon snack with a fruit salad is no wiser.  Fruit contains fructose (natures sugar) still spiking your insulin levels, still causing the same disability to weight gain that the chocolate bar was.

Another phenomenon of today's "experts" is the insistence to encourage grains, whole grains, wheat filled wraps and breads, and every other form of insulin spiking mediocrity that should never be put near the human body.  Natures hellions provoke imbalances in our hormones and taxing of the digestive system, alongside a string of carcinogenic chemical properties these crops thrive on.  Grains should be eliminated based on this alone.

I say eliminate grains, eliminate sugar, and bin the white and processed carbohydrates.  Thrive on protein and tasty healthy fats for optimal living.

Take what you can from the professionals, eat from the earth and live vigorously through the foods that fuel you.