Monday, 08 August 2011

Pieces of Russia

As an aspiring superhero, I have dabbled in everything from Judo to Thai-bo to Krav Maga, and then fitness enhances such as spinning and aerobics, like a crack addict looking for that ultimate high.  Searching for that catalyst that was going to get me itching for more.

Enter the kettlebell.

About 18 months ago we were formally introduced.  Where has this inelaborate little cannonball been all my life?  The Russians have known kettlebells as long as they have known vodka?

This truly Russian national sport is in its infancy in this country. These remarkable pieces of Russia are one of thee most effective means of strength development in the industry today, and introduces a new era in the evolving of human muscle potential.  They have been turning men into machines since the 17th century with their unique, challenging and intense drills.

A day goes by without a kettlebell in my hand and I begin to get withdrawal symptoms. Their high repetition ballistic exercises combine strength, cardio and flexibility into training and leave you sweating like a pig in a bacon factory. The fitness industry lost the definition of 'fit' with the introduction of their scientifically engineered machines, training lost its functionality, people lost their drive and passion and in turn drove them to their TV remotes. Working with kettlebells require co-ordination and kinesthetic awareness, therefor not just increasing your physical abilities but improving your mental focus too.  Welcome to Utopia.

At first glance of a kettlebell in all its modesty, it seems better suited for weighing down a doctoral thesis than being a super efficient tool for physical metamorphosis. Kettlebells amplify your power output, train your body to contend with an ever changing center of gravity, bridges the gap between strength and cardio and improves your overall athleticism, whilst building muscle and torching fat at 20 calories a minute. They are used by the military, international SWAT teams, the red army and special forces, and you can bet your bottom dollar these guys have done their research.

You will find yourself in the best shape of your life and begging for more.  Some of the most simple movements, but with their high repetition drills make you want to throw up a kidney, and leave you respecting such a humble piece of equipment and burning in muscles you never knew existed for days afterwards.

Dear Kettlebell, you make me want to be a better women.