Thursday, 06 September 2012

Don't be that guy!

- A guest post by Terence Mitchell 

1.  Be the man who honors his debts and pays his bills.  Fuck deadlifts and squats, real men pay their way in the world.

2.  Stop trying to get things for free, actually do the opposite and pay more. Become someone who is prepared to pay for value and not a back street hustler trying to save a penny.

3.  We live in a world of science, which is cool, for now I guess, but this has made people obsessed with the minor details and not the big picture.  Every where I look on social media there are people arguing and debating crazy shit like carb back loading, nutrient timing, perfect post work out nutrition.
Don't fall for that!  Instead get your technique sorted on the big lifts and leave the rats and mice for the birds. Don't be that guy with all the scientific gear but no real training idea.

4.  The best program for you is the one you stick to.  The funny thing is even an average program with very basic exercises will get great results over time.  The thing is, every person truly believes he is a special snowflake who is the exception to all the proven rules.  Don't be that guy.  I have lost count of how many online programs I have made for friends, and after two weeks they are onto the next one.  Don't be the program hopper.

5.  In my gym a saying has been coined "The best assistance exercise for the squat, deadlift, press and bench is TIME"  People listen to me!  There is NO magic combo of assistance work that is going to propel your deadlift from 180kgs to 270kgs or bench from 120kgs to 180kgs in a year of training.

Shit takes time people.  You can have long levers, short levers, your momma could have been a hippie and your father could have been a punk rocker!  That won't help.  Time my friends... time.  
Don't become Lord of the assistance exercises!

6.  Guys this is another one for you because clearly some of you need help with your game.  I have noticed some classic schoolboy errors on my recent night time escapades in the big city of Ballito.  Remember girls want to meet guys,  as shocking as it seems most girls like guys.  So where do good times go bad?
The moment you think you can dress like a punk and somehow score with the opposite sex.  Guys, t-shirts are for gyms and loafing on the couch while watching re-runs of Monster Fish.  Instead spend some cash money on good quality dress shirts, if you cant buy off the shelf, stop cursing your poor luck and sad life and get shirts tailored.  Seriously, meeting girls whilst wearing smart, dress shirts is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel of fish.  Don't be that guy who thinks 'meeting girls is impossible' just sort your wardrobe out playa!

7.  Do you think that when a bunch of very strong guys get together they all talk about secret assistance exercises and nutrient timing?  No they talk about the only thing in the world worth talking about, bitches.  There I said it.  Ha ha

8.  A new trend I've noticed, mostly from the married men with kids is this "Ah, its so easy for you Terence, you are single, with no kids to get in the way of your training and eating act"  Now listen up, that may or may not be true BUT we all make our beds and have to lie in them so its no use lamenting over the circumstances in your life and using them as some excuse as to why you are not the man you desire to be.

Remember no matter what the hell is going on in your life, nobody is going to lift that weight for you.  That is why my life is so deeply entrenched in the iron game, because when that weight hits the ground there are NEVER excuses, you either get your ass to the gym and grind out that rep or stay at home dreaming of things that others are fighting for.  Don't be that guy who searches for excuses.  Take responsibility and find meaning in life's difficulties.  Many of my mentors in this game and some of the strongest lifters I have met, all have wives, kids and very stressful jobs.  Don't be that guy who thinks he is a special snowflake part 2.

9.  Don't be that guy who 'used to be incredible' if you were, which I doubt, forget about the past and worry about today.  I care little for the overweight, injury-riddled guy who once benched 180kgs whilst on every substance under the sun.  Today is about today men.  The past is best left where it belongs, in the past.

10.  Recently I got a few tattoos done, not for any other reason other than that I think they look nice.  The funny thing is, people say things like "You do realize that is forever don't you" to which I answer "My friend everything in this world is forever, that is what so few people realize, every foolish decision, poor choice, bad relationship, dumb move and bad date is forever!  It's done, written in life's big book and can never be taken back"

What is my point?  Everything is forever so deal with it, accept it and move on. That my friends is what I regard as living North of Vag.  Thanks JW