Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Functional Flux

In Italian we say "sono strata fortonatissima" which in a nut shell means: I've struck a gold mine.  This is exactly what happened the day I took those first steps into Flux Motion's training facility.  I felt like a cat on an island of slow fat mice.

Flux is exactly what their name describes "a flowing or flow, continuous change" these kettlebell junkies never seize to amaze and surprise me with their innovative routines.  We all know what its like walking into a gym, day in and day out - the monotony of the same thing, over and over and over again could put an insomniac down in a whisper.  Not at Flux, these guys are one step ahead, every time.

Flux flirts with dynamite, they are the reason I am up at dawn and grabbing life by the bells. Their workout routines build strength, stamina, endurance and over all HARDCORENESS!  I have never experienced training that activates such natural euphoria whilst building backbone and potency all at the same time.

I loved kettlebells before meeting the Flux team, but since experiencing them through Flux, a passion has evolved inside of me.  Not only have I become more determined and more motivated working with such an inspirational group of people, but I've met a family who truly care about every one of their members as if they where brothers and sisters.

What attracts me about functional training above all is the absence of electricity and the presence of energy.  Walk into any gym in your neighbourhood and you will find hundreds of machines, air-conditioners and generators pumping their black smog into our atmosphere. Walk into Flux and you will find natural lighting, a rainbow of kettlebells and a room full of electrified people.

If you are fortunate enough to have Flux on your door step - get on down and release your inner potential


  1. I think you've summed things up nicely here. I procrastinated for MONTHS before eventually trying kettlebells. I think it was because I knew I couldn't hide in the shadows and if I was going to go it meant I REALLY had to work.

    But let me tell you, them bells are addictive! I wake up in the morning and think "only a few hours to kettlebells!" It's a great feeling being pushed, and it's an even greater when you can FEEL results and SEE results.

    The 'globo-gym' template is stale and outdated; it's where people to go to 'be seen' rather than work their asses off.

    GO FLUX! (and evil trainer Lil!)

  2. Great having you down with us, it takes blood, sweat and tears to make that spirit feel so alive, and best of all - it WORKS!