Friday, 19 August 2011

Man vs Machine

I am originally from a small town in the North West where bakkies own the roads, klippies own the nights and boerewors grows like wild grass.  Where bigger, tougher and stronger is the name of the game.  If you aren't klapping the gym twice a day and spending your weekends comparing the size of the 'takkies' on your Hilux you just aren't going to make it out alive.

I love my town, it defined me and definitely contributed to where I am today.  It built my desire for wanting strength and ability, as I too want to 'picks up heavy fings' all though my approach is completely different.

I choose not to tackle the 'pec dec' or interrogate the leg press, I challenge my body.  I combine functional training with kettlebells to develop explosive power. Machines give you the 'all show and no go' where progressive calisthenics give you reaction power.  What most gym junkies don't realize is that machines are doing most of the work for them, not only is it easier to use a machine but they isolate your muscles.  So yes, they are building muscles but they are not building them to work together in synergy.  Therefor they are not building strength, they are building size.

Machines give you the BMW M3 but the Uno engine.  Muscle, no doubt, its visible - those gym vests aren't stretching around their torso's for nothing but stop and ask them to do a a set of 20 pistol squats or spider man push ups and I guarantee you they will struggle.

Bodyweight training, functional training develops aptitude to perfect physique, gain core stability, achieve raw strength and develops nervous power, where ones only resistance is gravity.  Where mastering the one arm push up, hand stand push up, or one arm pull up is a training regiment away.  Machines will never offer the capabilities of achieving maximum pure strength.  Twice a day on the bench press will not allow you the possibility to stand on your hands and press your body to the sky at 50 reps a set without breaking a sweat.

The army, the navy, marine core and air force use calisthenics as a physical conditioning tool to get their 'soldiers' in the best physical shape.  It promotes better health, fitness and improves performance which transpires into active everyday living.

So please, put away the R2000 sneakers, flush the roids, stop oiling the machine bolts, take off your shoes and challenge your body.

Challenge me, to challenge you - get better, get fitter, get faster, get stronger!

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