Friday, 26 August 2011

Two tickets to the gun show

I'm currently packing Swiss mini's with 2mm pinfire cartridges and unfortunately sales for tickets to my gun show are not going well. Partly because I never used to hog a workout bench, and spend 40 minutes admiring my reflection, whilst flexing my biceps and playing with a dumbbell. I really should have committed myself to that challenge. After all, that's how the Roman gladiators did it.  If it wasn't for all those bicep curls they could never have fought off the Greek armies the way they did.

If only this was true.

If you really want to look big in a tank top t-shirt, drop the dumbbell, its isolating your muscles and head to the pull-up bar. Its the best bicep exercise known to man and builds 'wings' that really make you fly - believe me, if more people new the truth Red Bull would be out of business.

Pull-ups are authentic as opposed to weight lifting. When executing a correct pull-up your skeletal-muscular structure aligns naturally and forces natural power output.  After all, not long ago we were all hanging from trees and used this form of strength development to literally survive.  Pull-ups work your 'wings', rhomboids, traps, biceps, forearms and hands in one swift movement.

The armies of the middle ages had unbelievable strength centuries before the invention of the barbell or dumbbell. Lifters have replaced the phenomenal pull-up with exercises such as the bent over row to stimulate the same muscle groups, but humans have not evolved to execute this movement. The 'lats' are the largest muscle in the human torso - develop them, reap the benefits and discover your potential.

Pull-ups are awesome, they build incredible strength and look cool when you doing them, far cooler than anyone could look in a gym vest doing a bicep curl.  Once you smashing out rep after rep you will discover true feats of strength - its the oldest muscle building exercise in existence.

Whilst the humbling pull-up adds stamina and strength, as well as giving your hips and abs a great isometric workout, this exercise will too become easy.  So as anyone in the fitness and strength game know, you need to up the game.  Challenge yourself to closed pull-ups, move onto uneven pull-ups and work your way to defeating the one arm pull-up.

Moving your total body weight in one swift movement and with one arm, takes years of dedication and enormous proportional strength but teaches you physical control, gives you extraordinary co-ordination and builds unbelievable agility.

You want to sell tickets to your gun show?  Spread your wings and fly

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