Wednesday, 03 August 2011


We have all been in that very cold and uncomfortable place.  That first day on the job where you stand around hoping nobody is going to notice you, staring into a corner without the faintest idea of what your purpose is. Attempting to blend in with the dividers in your office or making trivial conversation with the tea lady, despite being completely uninterested in where the coffee cups are kept. Repeating to yourself in a creepy monotone "it will all be over soon" that has the office personnel looking over their shoulders at you and whispering amongst each other.

When you walk into a room you have a decision to make, are you going to 'OWN' the space, or 'RENT' the space.  This choice will define you, where you going, and where you will end up.  I think I chose the career that I did purely because I have a history of running head first into anything and everything.  Yes you bump your head a few times, it knocks you down, sometimes harder then others - but hell, you dust yourself off and get up again, you never duck and run, you NEVER rent.

Being a fitness junkie, an adrenalin whore and overall thrill seeker has put me right at the entrance door of this 'space', I've discovered my calling now do I stand around and wait inside, in the safe zone or dive through headfirst?  So I've spent a few years trotting the globe, studying, throwing myself out of high flying objects, surfing lonely open waters, learning and living.  Some might say at 27 years old 'You aught to know where you going by now, young lady'... but no, I'm still unsure, undecided and unawares.
What I do know is that I'm passionate, obsessive and committed to fitness.  Iv entered this bright new world of possibilities, this world that motivates me to be up at dawn and grabbing life by the bells! Starting something new is never easy, making a name for yourself, facing new challenges, accomplishing goals, building  a repertoire.  Being a fresh fish in an already over crowded tank would send anyone looking for the escape bait but I'm done deliberating, Iv started a small business and I'm on the road to discovery one step at a time.

Your neighbour, your friend, your teacher, your mother - they have all been there, they where all at 'Day One' once - don't be afraid - dive in head first.

I'm through the door, Iv taken the step.  I'm unscared.

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