Monday, 05 September 2011

In the presence of a master

I feel like I have just seen a trailer to the new rendition of 'Terminator' or 'Blood Sport', except, I featured in it and the leading actor didn't have a stunt double, and actually has real life melon sized joints, an iron body casing and the knowledge of an encyclopedia of kinesiology.

This is - Steve Cotter, being in the presence of a kettlebell great is overwhelming to say the least.  You cant not be in awe of his existence, or not watch his every move with sheer exuberance. Steve Cotter is the director of the IKFF (International kettlebell and fitness federation) he is not your typical 'trainer' he teaches integrity, he pushes boundaries and he researches human physical performance.  A teacher yet also a student.  An elite coach who presents new knowledge and integrates it into his coaching.

My colleagues and I made the great trek up north for a weekend with the kettlebell guru himself.  Prior to signing up for the certification we spent many a long hour training in preparation for two days of blood, sweat and tears.  We put in countless hours, intense effort and buckets of carbs and protein to ensure we were ready for what awaited us.

You never really know what to expect, all you know, is the fear that slowly grows inside of you. Sean Temple of Flux put us through the motions, as he does.  He drilled us, he perfected our techniques, he turned our weaknesses into strengths and mentally placed us in Steve's presence weeks before he had even arrived.

When the time came to finally start the CKT we where greeted with "The following 2 days will consist of fitness tests, technique specializations, coaching proficiency, performance, procedures and..... you are going to die, I am going to kill you"  I have never seen a room of colour turn so white so quickly.  We put Table Mountains infamous table cloth to shame.

Steve took classic kettlebell moves and broke them down individually, refining them and perfecting them in each one of us.  Built up our confidence, perfected our techniques and coached us on the science of movement and its energy systems.  Kettlebells are not just tools for strength and conditioning but an art that requires precision, accuracy, definition and purity.

We concentrated on each movement independently, we studied it, we understood it and we trained like it was the last thing we would do on earth. Each movement was accompanied by set after set, of intense drills, promoting strength, agility, endurance, flexibility and stability. We sweat, we ached, we shed skin but we learnt and we excelled.

You cannot help absorbing Steve's every last word, mimicking his every move.  He is a highly inspirational and versatile coach.  The passion he exposes is contagious. Each and every one of us walked away from this weekend with a feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment. We trained hard and were individually molded into aspiring athletes by his teachings.

The weekend was exhilarating, we discovered new strengths and new weaknesses.  We have formed new goals and aspirations and we stood together strong, we drove each other. The motivation amongst our team alone sets off fires miles away.  Our hard work, dedication and devotion of the 'Temple' earned us Steve Cotter's closing statement:

"This is the strongest CKT team I have worked with"

Well done to everyone at Flux and Kettlebells SA, each of you inspire me more everyday

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