Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Analyzing my Snatch

I am infatuated with the kettlebell snatch.  The mechanics behind this technical move, the energy systems involved, the plyometrics and dynamics of this power exercise gets my blood pumping and my adrenaline surging.

It is not something I have mastered yet its something that I strive to perfect.  In order for me to do this I need some constructive criticism, I have started blending a mix of techniques into my snatch routine to activate different muscle groups and prolong fatigue where possible.

The first video is me performing my normal snatch, thumb facing forward with little rotation in the swing and pull.

Analyzing the pro athletes of GS especially the woman, I noticed that the preferred technique is some what different to the methods I find myself using.  

The next video is of myself performing the snatch using the technique more popular in GS, this style is new to me yet I find it far more effective than the method I have been using, effective in the terms of prolonging fatigue and sustaining endurance.

If there are any identifiable areas that can be improved, I would love some feedback


  1. Hi... I'm no expert but I find that if you bend your knees more and use a bit more power from the legs you will use your back less and you won't need to swing the kettlebell as hard :)

  2. My main suggestion would be to change the trajectory slightly on the way up to lockout. You seem to pull the KB slightly outward (laterally) so that when the bell passed your chest level, it is outside your shoulder, which means you need to redirect it inward at lockout, wasting energy and using excess shoulder tension. Try to have a path where the KB is in front of the same side pec as your snatching hand. This will insure an easier lockout. Also, try to not over-rotate at the top ( with your palm facing forward). Try and keep the handle at about a 45 degree angle at lockout, so the KB is behind your forearm, not hanging over your head. Your overall technique is quite good, and these two tweeks should help you increase your numbers.

    Tom Corrigan IKFSA.com

  3. Thank you for this feedback, I have applied the changes you have suggested to my technique and have already noticed an efficiency in my snatch.

    Seem to struggle with the over rotation at the top but have made a conscious effort to keep my hand at 45 degrees.

    Thank you for this valued feedback, it goes along way