Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Got Juice?

We are all aware of the ongoing saga surrounding doping internationally, Lance Armstrong being made the most recent example.

Everyday, all the time, athletes are being ripped of their medals and egos.  Everyone is using and everyone is denying.

Look, in my personal opinion, Livestrong's Armstrong is still an incredible athlete, he beat cancer and went on to compete in the Tour De France many a time, whether he won it or got stripped of his titles, the fact remains that this man fought and incredible fight, and won that hands down.

However whether we agree or disagree with abuse, the truth is, steroids are illegal in the sporting world.  If they were legal and every single athlete was a user, well then the playing field would be fair again.  However choosing to use when you know that you shouldn't, is cheating.  Its that simple.

It all boils down to respect for the game.

Those who know me, know I feel strongly about users.  If using is going to help you score that winning touchdown and earn you another $50 000 000 at the end of the season, well then hell that's your personal choice.  That is a choice with motivation.  I know many a power lifter and many an athlete that do use, they know that I disagree but what I will give them, is their choice to use is at least justifiable, whether it is wrong or not, they use with reason.

If you are going to use, so that you look good in boardshorts on the beach, well then, you're a complete minion in my books.  There is no justification for misuse of performance enhancers, when your performance is just strutting your stuff on the sidewalk.  Steroids have their place in medicine, as do they arguably have their unfortunate place in sport, however if you are not suffering from anything that requires the use and are not competing in something that could change your life, you just look ridiculous with your weak backbone, and fragile mind.

The long term side effects of abuse, namely cardiovascular problems, liver failure, neurological issues, blood pressure and cholesterol issues, increased organ size (amongst many other fantastic issues) are not worth the trouble caused later in life.

If you have turned to the gym and chosen training for your physical wellbeing, for absolute strength, for health, for vitality and for longevity and even just to look great aesthetically, cheating your way to hotness just cannot be equalled to the empowerment you feel from reaching those goals based on your own hard work.

The choices are simple.  Albert Einstein said "Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value"

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