Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Strength Fiction

Strength [streNG(k)TH]- The quality or state of being strong.

Strong[strO^NG] - Having the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks.

Now these are words that are grossly misinterpreted  in gyms across the world.  Along side 'functional' and 'tone' there are no words thrown into sentences more often that highlight more distortion than these.

Lets put a little truth in our fiction.

Lifting a weight of 20kg and putting it down again, in no way can be seen as physically demanding.  Your baggage allowance on flights is 20kg and everyone moans about how little that is.

Lifting a weight in relation to your bodyweight and how the lift is performed can separate the boys from the men when talking strength in the gym.  The best thing about lifting is the blatant truth and genuineness of the iron, it is what it is.  You cannot lie about your lift and nor can the iron falsify your strength, its a perfect measure.

A few goals for the aspiring lifter, and for those who want to be taken seriously when it comes to lifting, you want to work your way to lifting some considerable weight before you can justify calling yourself strong.

The deadlift, the king of all lifts in my books personally: You got to lift a solid 2.5 times your own bodyweight before you can jump on the 'strong wagon' and even then you are only just beginning.

The benchpress, the exercise every man must compare to "What do you bench hey?" this question can either strip or crown a man of his 'hood':  A good bench starts at 1.5 times your own bodyweight.

The squat, the father of all lower body exercises: A good measure is a solid 2 x your own bodyweight to hit the ground running

The weighted pull up, My personal favorite : A solid goal is to work to 66% of your bodyweight as an addition to your pull.

I could list 10 more standards that are applicable to considerable strength in the gym, but I think my point is pretty clear.

Strength is something that is aspired to, strength is a skill that time is devoted to not just something acquired after a couple sessions in the gym as a recreation.  Strength is trained for, specifically.

Do not be afraid to realize how much potential you have within you, discover it, fight for it and unleash it.  You will love your body and embrace its capabilities while breaking down barriers and ascertaining new heights.

"If we did all the things we were capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves" - Thomas Edison

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