Saturday, 10 August 2013

Buying The Cow

Wedding season in South Africa is upon us, which means the rest of us who have not quite made it down the isle, are surrounded by brides and grooms to-be, who are breathing fire and spitting venom in every last effort not to tap out on their big day.

High up on their list of 'wedding wants' is the chassis to pull off that bridal gown and tailor made tux.  Before I continue I must throw it out there, that if you are in fact only now turning your attention to getting in shape, you deserve to have buttons popping on your big day.

Health, strength, fitness and nutrition should have been a part of your life long before you decided to take the plunge.  However, topping up your already thriving physique pre-wedding with some extra sessions in the gym and adding a sprinkle of caution to your time in the kitchen is critical.

Firstly there are three things I base my opinion of health on: sleep, sex and appetite. All three go hand in hand with a successful wedding day.  If any of these areas are not working at optimal levels there is reason for concern.  Your big day is around the corner, there are a million things to do but don't fall short on getting a solid 8 hours sleep at night, eating nutrient dense food and making time to refuel, re energize, and stay on top of your game.

Nobody wants a tired newlywed with no libido.  Honeymoon fail of epic proportions.

Your nutrition is the key to the physique you desire.  Rather choose a banging body as the focal point of your day over the linen you drape it with.  Adjusting your eating styles and cutting the crap, will make the world of difference.  If your food comes in a wrapper it should be going nowhere near your body, remove the processed foods, bin the grains and white refined carbohydrates and eliminate the sugars.  These minor alterations are what is going to get you a good nights sleep, an improved appetite and pound shedding like an X-15 rocket powered aircraft.

When it comes to putting in the hours at the gym, try to focus more on not losing the "weight" but targeting your body fat.  Lifting hard and combining this with some solid conditioning is going to lose you more fat and inches than weight, gaining muscle mass is the key to burning off calories and a mix of weights and cardio is going to send your body in the right direction for those pre-wedding fittings.

Try and get yourself at least 7 hours sleep at night because HGH and testosterone thrive during your sleep cycles, all the healthy eating, exercise and supplementation in the world is not going to help if you do not sleep and control your stress levels.

Shifting your habits pre wedding will not only favor your nuptial apparel but boost your cupidity and reinforce your desire to be fit, healthy and strong, everyday not just on your wedding day.

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