Friday, 12 August 2011

Little Bells

I wish I knew then, what I know now, the ominous words spoken by so many elders today. Here I find myself writing those exact words, while pulling that stray grey hair from my head. I imagine how far along of a superhero I would be now, if I had discovered the kettlebell 17 years ago.  Definitely be giving Lex Luther a run for his money.

In today's times, children are being chauffeured around and technology is doing huge damage to their physical capabilities.  Spending the afternoon on the couch watching the Hannah Montana Omnibus or zoned into the latest version of Grand Tourismo is not going to get you breaking records on the sports field or keep you from spatchcocking on the bottom of the jungle gym.

However there are some children, who are grabbing life by the bells.  Children who spend every waking minute out on the lawn smashing cricket balls into the neighbours windows.
I say 'mental high five' to them.  That's the spirit.  Many of my clients have questioned me about the possible effects of the use of kettlebells by their children.

My biggest advice, is to let your children come to the kettlebell.

Kids learn by example and once they see you thrashing that bell around your body like a superhero, they will be enthralled and will quickly become addicted.  Kettlebells harmonize with the body and build a strong foundation for children, for sport, for life, for longevity.  I'm not suggesting whipping them out of bed at 5am, 7 days a week and training them for battle but to gradually introduce kettlebells with careful movements and light weights.

A healthy diet of light weight swings will strengthen their posterior chain at a young age and improve their abilities all round, where as the clean and snatch will develop their explosive abilities.  You want to keep their kettlebell training simple in terms of amounts of exercises, and keep the frequency low to keep them interested as well as the fact that everyday sports activities in schools can take a lot out of a developing child and strength training will tap that further.

Its really important that their kettlebell sessions are supervised. Believe me, those broken neighbours windows will be the least of your worries.  Whilst kettlebells improve their athleticism through the safe use of dynamic movements, they also improve co-ordination, balance, mobility, body control and reaction time.

The children are our future, guide them and they in turn will guide us.

I'm definitely looking forward to having the opportunity of my own.

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