Wednesday, 21 September 2011

In my shoes

Jenni Button, Jimmy Choo, Foi Gras and Dom Perignon were the order of the day. London, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Dusseldorf, from skyscrapers to Ferrari drivers tents to the final Led Zeppelin shin dig with the likes of Jeremy Clarkson, Ozzy Osborne, Kate Moss and the Prince of Arabia.  Some like to think that the Hotel game is a glamorous one.

I walked away from this a few years ago after a hellish 10 years of brutal onslaught.  It is not alluring or sophisticated to say the least.  It thieves your every last breath, and cheats your soul.  This game pirated my passion and left me empty.  Smiles were reserved for guests only.

However I look back at it with fond memories.  The industry built an inner strength of cohesion and backbone in me that cannot be compared to anything I've ever experienced.

Growing up in a hotel, in a predominantly male orientated mob, amplified my passion for sport, from football to formula 1, my greatest passions.  I chose after years of searching to enter an industry that awakens your every sense, through excitement, progress and physical development.  The world of sport, fitness, bio mechanics and kinesiology.

Starting a new game in your late twenties is never easy.  Do not pass begin, do not collect R200.  When you are a female, weighing in at 50kg with a frame of a pixie, you are not taken very seriously by aspiring sportsmen, weight lifters and athletic competitors.  However I continue to persevere.

I owe my passion for old school methodologies to Dave Ozorio who took me under his wing 2 years ago, after a long struggle to find a good teacher in the world of fitness and strength.

Dave pushed my boundaries, and salted my taste for true bulletproof practice.  He educated me on the early techniques that outweigh modern machinery tenfold.  Dave inspired my love for the kettlebell and the sport that goes with it.

With the passion for the kettlebell came the introduction of the Temple.  Since meeting Sean Temple of Flux Motion and being exposed to his training styles, his teachings and his enthusiasm for the ancient sport of girevoy. I have develop a burning desire for ultimate conditioning.  Sean awoke an inner temptress in me.  My physical and mental progression has evolved from school girl to aspiring professor overnight.

Sean has encouraged, supported and motivated me every step of the way.  His personal approach and inspiring strength has engineered a machine in me.  Physically, in my 6 months with Sean I have developed a power I never thought I would achieve and it is only just the beginning.

As for his teachings, I aspire to demonstrate his level of discipline and encouragement to my students one day.

Only two years into the world of conditioning and strength, I am only just starting to crawl, I look forward to many years of learning, growing and teaching those who aspire to find their inner perfections.  To passing on the true methodologies of fitness and functionality.

Come ride with me.

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