Thursday, 22 September 2011

Interview with Sean Temple

So I got a few minutes with the Temple himself on his thoughts, his training and his methodologies.  Sean draws from an extensive background of sport, conditioning and strength training where kettlebells feature dominantly.

What I love about Sean's approach to training styles is that he continues to research and implement his studies.  He never assumes to know it all and is always willing and open to new things and to be taught.  I personally think his humility is his greatest attribute.

In life when that point comes when you think you know everything or that their is only one way, then you fail as a trainer.

Here's what the Temple had to say:

To the grey man in the street, your profession is based on fitness, conditioning & strength development using kettlebells as a tool for achieving results.  If you could describe the true essence of Flux, what would you say to emphasize the reality behind the sport and what Flux promotes?
Flux is a philosophy borne out of years of my own experience and learning, mixed with the research and coaching, I have received from all corners of the globe. USA, Russia, Australia and obviously South Africa. Flux is about what makes the weekend warrior to international athlete get the most out of what they need for their training goals.  Russian kettlebells, and thus Flux, training is a complete mind and body philosophy - you will never work as hard or be more gratified with the results you get as a person and your goal setting.  We work hard here and there are no excuses for that.  What we do know is that Flux works.

You have inspired me to be a better teacher and a better student, what is the greatest advice you could give to an aspiring superhero?
Well as you well know, you wouldn't have made the achievements you have without a burning passion and desire to improve who you are.  That's the great thing about Russian kettlebell training, if you embrace it, is the immense changes you will see in yourself.  Belief and will to learn.  This sport has so many intricacies and techniques that you never stop learning. So keep learning and just enjoy the ride or should it be the swing?

On a daily basis you work with people from beginners to athletes to weekend warriors, what inspires you the most working with such a diverse group of people?
I love people, but more to the point, I love passionate people who really want to make a difference.  Positive people attract a positive energy and Flux has that in leaps and bounds. The fact that I can help make people achieve what they want as well as achieve a positive vibe, that's what makes me love working with all manners of people.

If you had the opportunity to broadcast one message in 5 words to our nation, a nation that is passionate about sport, what would it be?

As we know each other on a personal basis, I know that you are a strong believer in functional training methods.  How do you feel about today's forms of training against what they used to be, and how have you integrated old school methods into your teachings?
I really think that there are, too many to count, gyms that use the term functional training too loosely.  I believe that what we were doing with which body part a thousand years ago is what we should be using today.  If you do body building then obviously do that training.  If however you do everything else, there is NO excuse for creating a powerful posterior chain, back and quads.  We also tend to neglect our mobility and flexibility.  We forget that the most powerful part of our body is the mind.  Work that regularly and the rest follows.  Today there are too many excuses being made.  I love this clip so much!!!

You are a soon to be 'Dad', I'm sure the anticipation and excitement is overwhelming.  What is the greatest advice you can give to parents regarding fitness and strength development in their children?
I am so excited to bring such a gift into the world.  My advice is start early! You be the example.  Have fun doing it, build that lasting and genuine relationship with your child.  At the end of the day our bodies have not changed in thousands of years, which means the body wasn't designed for TV or gaming! That's an added perk! So get outdoors, have fun and laugh while doing it! Give your child the best chance they deserve.

Thanks for your time Sean - keep inspiring the uninspired!!


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