Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Out of sight, out of mind

I recently spent ten days in my home town, and as this town is built around a platinum mine, numerous panel beaters and a factory that churns out "big tuffs guys" I thought I would take the time off to scope out what the fitness scene is like, and what the local boys and girls do to make things happen physically.

Turns out even when you live 800km from the beach, the beach is still the biggest motivator for the weekend warrior.  Most importantly, that you have a set of abs that will ricochet the sun light and blind a blond passer buyer.  Abs.  It's amazing how people perceive a good rack of abdominals.  You can have the legs of a praying mantis yet if that 'six pack' is starring on Broadway all else can fail.

Personally, I'm a bum and backs girl - you can tell a lot about a persons abilities by the appearance of their back. A good back that enhances the V-taper is a sheer sign of actual physical strength, good posture, and great mobility.   There is also the insignificant reason for checking out ones back - team steroid - the clusters of acne that develop across the back region are like sign boards for identifying the weak.

Believe me this 'mate' may appear to be big and strong but they are actually just a pair of wet panties.

Many warriors have confirmed the abdominals as a must have.  When I question their training techniques and methods for developing their backs and posterior chain, I'm confronted with "You cant see it, so whats the point", yes, that's right, out of sight, out of mind.

Training the back muscles are overlooked today, but the back plays such an important role in life. Not only for the obvious reasons of improved sports performance, strength, power, core stability and athleticism but because the back muscles play such a vital role in all compound lifts.  You are never going to reach your lifting potential with a weak back, you are not going to bust out high repetition pull ups, deadlifts or cleans without a strong posterior chain.  Your posterior chain is your power zone.

Developing your back, makes you more physically powerful, it will maintain equilibrium and stability for life, not just for your workouts.  The back and core are your bodies center of strength.  Strong posterior chains improve balance, physical performance and help avoid any unwanted back injuries.

Train your back, its the area that gives you that edge, that GO. Your back muscles facilitate all your pulling movements, and I promise you, that will include your 'chic pulling' too.


  1. Very interesting lil!
    So can you please help me find a kettlebell that I can start throwing!!! In serious need to sort my self out here!!!
    I use to have a nice back but that went out the window with the nice abs, nice bum, ...well anything nice really!
    Seriously babes..need some tips please :)

    Thank you and love you

  2. Drop me an email at bianchi@synergyinmotion.co.za and I can put you in touch with some excellent trainers in Cape Town or I can offer you some online training. Lets make it happen!!

  3. Let's not forget that without a strong back, the mirror muscles (chest and biceps) will also be a lot weaker. So, definitely in their best interests to hammer that posterior chain.

  4. Great blog as usual Lil! not to mention a very important point! Straighten and strengening of the back = lifted chest and more confident look...I'm with you all the way!

  5. I think people too often fail to see the true benefits of exercises as they are too busy looking at the picturesque results. Where training between the lines not only evokes super ninja capabilities but gorgeous mirror muscles too!