Monday, 03 October 2011

Taking a bag of sand to the beach??

There is nothing more taxing than moving home.  Mentally and physically it is a venture best avoided.

Yesterday I had the final task of having to move the crowning item.  The stove.

I decided to leave this offending article to the very last day, now that the removal van has long gone along with  its army of men.  Not only did I leave the stove for myself to cart around but I chose to handle the eviction during a torrential downfall.

Due to the gale force winds and rainy conditions the lift in my complex had been shut down. Which required me to walk up 275 000 stairs, collect my 85kg stove and venture back down, in the rain, with my stove.  Awesome.

Talk about a functional workout.  Now if I had spent my life between the treadmill, pec dec, ab crunch machine, and other arbitrary scientifically engineered machinery, found littering out gyms, this task would have been a major struggle for me, having a payload of but only 50kg.  BUT I would have, an awesome rack of abs, pumped biceps and some notable quads.

However my training methodologies allow my workouts to transpire into active every day living. 'Operation stove drop' was a great success and I handled the removal like a superhero.

My posterior chain has been trained and built to make me harder, faster, better and stronger.  275 000 steps and a kitchen appliance felt like a light warm up in comparison to what my body endures during a functional workout.

Gym junkies all over the world spend their days slaving away attempting to operate heavy machinery, under the false impression that these gizmos are building actual strength, when they are in fact just building size.  Spending an hour tackling the leg press, lat pull down machine and 'klapping' the gym like an addict is as painful and as pointless as taking a bag of sand to the beach.

Sorry guys, size does not matter.  Strength matters.

If you are going to commit yourself to perfecting your physique, get the real deal or your ego is going to write cheques that your body cant cash.

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