Wednesday, 05 October 2011

Whats your excuse?

Smack is cheap, talk is cheaper.  Should have, could have, would have. If this and if that doesn't cut it in my books.  The masses want to be 'in shape', lose 20kg, be built like Jay Cutler but nobody is willing to work for it.  Nobody wants to act, nobody wants to take charge, nobody commits.

Who are the ones who act?  They are the ones who show up, they put in the hours, they commit, they take charge, they find their inspiration, they self select, they do it again!  They put in the work, because 'right now' works.  Not tomorrow, not on Monday, not when the rain stops, not next week. Right now.  This is how you get results.  You commit.

I've heard every excuse in the book, the human is a creature of habit we get used to the things that are bad for us.  Wake up, stand up and challenge your body and your mind.  We, as a species are master of excuses, but champions don't make excuses, that's why they are champions, that's why they are 'in shape'

I'm tired of excuses, double standards, issues, illusions and limits.  There are no limits to how far you can go.

Its raining, its cold, its hot, I cant find my big boy pants.
Man up and take charge, your excuses are limiting only you, nobody else.  Nobody cares about where you want to be if you not willing to commit to getting there.

I've been working late, I have three jobs, a new born puppy and some one covered the dogs kennel in pancakes.
If you have time to sit and watch the Idols finale, time to sit and complain to your co-workers about how little time you have and time to stop at the McDonalds drive through for your super size MacMeal - you have time to squat.

I'm too tired, I have insomnia, the neighbours dog kept we awake.
If you committed to exercise in the first place you would sleep better, if you pushed your boundaries in your training, if you challenged yourself and if you committed, an atomic bomb wouldn't wake you.  Exercise shifts your body clock to get your circadian rhythms back on track.

17 years ago when I was in high school I hurt my knee, my shoulder, my back, my attitude and I'm most comfortable on the couch eating doughnuts.
If you never going to attempt to rehabilitate old injuries, or try to improve your performance levels through challenges or keep blaming old injuries for your big ass then you deserve to be on the couch, on your own, in the dark while the rest of us stand by and watch Natalie Du Toit win more gold medals.

I cant afford the gym membership, the classes and the Nike trainers
But you can afford DSTV, the new I-phone and the daily trips to the pie shop.  Exercise costs nothing, motivation is free, I promise you 20 push ups, 50 squats and a couple burpees will only burn your fat not your pocket.

Stop saying you cant.  You can. You just choose not to

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